Unibet PA’s Owner, Kindred Group, Publishes Q3 Report on ‘Harmful Gambling Revenue’

Arsenii Anderson
kindred group publishes q3 report on harmful gambling revenue

It’s not often that a gambling operator refers to income as “harmful,” but Kindred Group, the proprietor of Unibet PA Online Casino, an online casino that is available in PA, is doing exactly that.

The percentage of Kindred’s income that comes from players who engage in high-risk gambling behaviors is the main topic of the company’s harmful gambling revenue report. The percentage for Q3 2023 was 3.3%.

Naturally, this data is only useful in conjunction with responsible gambling (RG) practices that lower this figure. Kindred intervened on its own behalf in two major ways over the course of Q3. It continuously launched improved features in the safer gambling toolbox across all of its global brands, as well as new automated interventions.

What Qualifies as “Harmful Gambling” in Kindred’s Eyes?

The harmful gambling index developed by Kindred is a major step toward encouraging responsible gaming in PA. Recognizing and helping at-risk gamblers represents proactive work that goes above and beyond what is expected of the business.

For most players, playing at an online casino offers a safe and secure kind of enjoyment. Without checks and balances, they may also allow at-risk gamblers to engage in potentially harmful activities.

Kindred keeps creating mechanisms to battle this trend by identifying at-risk behaviors and acting to stop irresponsible gambling.

The Q3 pattern is in line with statistics from the previous four quarters, indicating that high-risk players have contributed 3.3% of the company’s gross win income:

  • Q4 of 2022: 3.5%
  • Q1 of 2023, 3.3%
  • Q2 of 2023: 3.1%
  • Q3 of 2023: 3.3%

Kindred intends to take more action to enhance these KPIs since it recognizes that, in order to secure the industry’s sustainability, a long-term strategy across all markets is necessary. The company believes that higher degrees of involvement for its high-risk clients can be beneficial in this regard.

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