IRS Seized Close to $400,000 from the Ex-Director of PA Skill Games

Arsenii Anderson
irs seized over 400000 from the ex director of pa skill games

In connection with his possible participation in Pennsylvania skill games, Rick Goodling, a former state corporal in Pennsylvania and compliance director for Pace-O-Matic (POM), had more than $400,000 confiscated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Operators of skill games have had their machines and money taken by various branches of the state government. Nonetheless, Goodling’s assets are being pursued by the IRS.

Pennsylvania skill games, which affect both brick-and-mortar and online gambling in Pennsylvania, have been a contentious issue in the state.

The IRS Seizes the PA Skill Games Executive’s Assets

According to an IRS report that PlayPennsylvania was able to get, money and three of Goodling’s bank accounts were confiscated.

  • $152,862 valued in US currency;
  • $81,871.30 in bank account #1;
  • $13,906.07 in bank account #2;
  • $194,413.23 in bank account #3.

Before leaving more than a month ago, Goodling worked as compliance director for POM, a developer of skill games with headquarters in Georgia, according to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

The newspaper also contacted Eric Smith, a spokesman for the IRS, but he was unable to provide any more comments. Mike Barley, a spokesman for POM, said to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star that the company had cooperated completely with the IRS inquiry and would do so going forward, as well as with criminal authorities on this matter.

It remains to be seen whether the IRS has a problem with Goodling’s personal tax return or if the skill games itself are the issue.

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