Two Rivers Casino Workers Were Charged with a $10,000 Fine for a Roulette Cheating Scheme

Arsenii Anderson
two rivers casino workers charged with a 10000 fine for a roulette cheating scheme

Two workers of Rivers Casino Pittsburgh were recently detained by Pennsylvania state police on suspicion of participating in a cheat-at-play plot involving a roulette table.

Authorities have described the partnership between table games dealer Robin Schnepp and supervisor Anthony Laush as a “complex cheating conspiracy,” with Schnepp assisting at least two players win thousands of dollars by cheating on many occasions.

The Pennsylvania casino lost more than $10,000 as a consequence of the scheme, according to state police.

The plan was originally revealed to investigators in a letter from an unidentified source earlier this year. The email purportedly voiced worries about anomalies with the Interblock Roulette game at the Pittsburgh casino. More recently, in an interview with local radio station WPXI on March 15, a regular at Rivers Casino also mentioned oddities with this specific kind of roulette.

The customer, who asked to remain anonymous, remembered experiencing many difficulties throughout the previous year, including a delay with the digital numbers.

Rulebook’s Flaws Made Interblock Roulette the Prime Target

Interblock Roulette has a peculiar set of rules while seeming to be a contemporary interpretation of the classic game of chance. In this instance, the dealer manually rotates the ball against the direction of the wheel. On the other hand, there is no sensor to recognize that the wheel has been spun if a manual spin doesn’t happen. Because of this shortcoming, bettors may continue even after the ball landed on a number and the result is certain.

Schnepp and Laush reportedly took use of this peculiarity to manipulate the system in order to benefit themselves. Law enforcement claims that surveillance footage saw Schnepp spinning the roulette ball wrong many times and that once the ball fell, a man and a woman increased their bets.

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