RG is Given Top Priority by the PA Senator’s Online Gambling Credit Card Ban

Alex Nesterenko
rg is given top priority by the pa senators online gambling credit card ban

Senator Wayne Fontana of Pennsylvania had been tipped to present a measure prohibiting users from making credit card deposits into online gambling accounts back in March. As of right now, Fontana has presented Senate Bill 1159.

Players in Pennsylvania now have more protection when it comes to responsible gaming thanks to the new law. It should only serve as motivation for Pennsylvanians to begin betting responsibly.

Pennsylvania Gambling Sites are not Permitted to Take Credit Cards, According to Bill

If SB 1159 is approved, Pennsylvania will become the fourth state after Iowa, Massachusetts, and Tennessee to ban the use of credit cards for internet gambling.

According to the 2022 Online Gaming Report, Fontana stated in March that 36% of those who have played online games had a gambling issue. Furthermore, the typical Pennsylvanian owes more than $5,640 on their credit cards. That balance shouldn’t be increased by online gaming.

A license holder that offers internet casinos, online sportsbooks, iLottery, or fantasy sports games is prohibited from using credit cards as payment under Fontana’s SB 1159.

It can’t be bad for Pennsylvanians to stop using credit cards for gambling. It will probably assist in reducing the likelihood of possible gambling issues that many could otherwise experience. In his memo from last month, Fontana stated that although this behavior is sometimes referred to as a “gambling addiction” or “gambling disorder,” it becomes problematic when a person’s relationships with loved ones suffer, they borrow money to gamble, they gamble to get a rush, or they miss work, school, or other commitments in order to bet.

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