The Meadows Hollywood Casino Was Fined $10,000 for Violating the Self-Exclusion Policy

Alex Nesterenko
the meadows hollywood casino violated the self exclusion policy

The Hollywood Casino at The Meadows has been fined $10,000 by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board for permitting a self-excluded player, initialed DW, to participate in live gaming in February 2022.

The casino’s cage cashiers failed to do a comprehensive check to determine if the customer had self-excluded. She therefore conducted many transactions on the gambling floor.

At the PGCB’s monthly meeting on Wednesday, Vice President and General Manager Matthew Heiskell and Director of Compliance Alex Hvizda both gave presentations.

A Customer who Self-Excluded Spent Over Two Hours Gaming at Hollywood Casino at The Meadows

The Hollywood Casino at The Meadows was visited by a self-excluded person from all Pennsylvania casinos, who engaged in 48 slot machine games. She also made three trips to the cash cage.

A few days before to her visit to the facility, the client put her name on the list. Since she was a frequent customer, the cashiers did not inquire about her status.

When DW first used the cash cage, she cashed a $300 electronic check. DW cashed another $300 electronic check and returned it to the same clerk, this time presenting identification. It escaped the cashier’s notice that DW had put herself on the self-exclusion list.

DW was recognized as self-excluded when she went to the cage a third time with a new cashier.

Notifying the police and security, DW departed the casino without producing her ID. When she came back an hour later, she was accused of defiantly trespassing.

Recap of the Consent Agreements that PGCB Submitted in March

Additionally, two PA online sportsbooks were penalized $10,000 each by the PGCB last month for the following infractions:

Betway Sportsbook was fined for taking part in unauthorized college prop bets.

After the PGCB ordered that DraftKings’ Reignmakers fantasy competitions be blocked in the Commonwealth, the company was penalized for allowing participants from Pennsylvania to access them.

The last month or two has seen a lot of conversation around college prop betting. Unlike Michigan, Pennsylvania does not have marketplaces for college sports props.

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