The Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General Will Appeal the Skill Games Decision

Arsenii Anderson
the office of the pennsylvania attorney general will appeal the skill games decision

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania declared skill games to be lawful earlier in December. Even though the machines emerged victorious, the legal dispute is far from resolved. The office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General intends to file an appeal of the ruling with the Supreme Court.

It can take a few months or perhaps a year to complete the appeals procedure. Skill games, however, don’t seem to be going away any time soon, which might have an effect on the regulated gaming market, which includes legal PA casinos online.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office Intends to Appeal the PA Skill Games Case to the Supreme Court

Back in September, the office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General declared that skill games are unmistakably slot machines rather than games of skill. It is not, however, able to ban the games.

Following the decision by the Commonwealth Court to allow skill games, the Attorney General’s office intends to take action. According to a spokesman, it was verified that the office plans to ask the Supreme Court for review.

The most recent ruling by the Commonwealth Court to allow skill games was not supported by the Attorney General’s (AG) camp. The AG’s office requested permission from the higher court to join the decision in September. According to the court brief, the Court should concur with the Superior Court in holding that the Crimes Code and the Gaming Act should be read in tandem, to the degree that the term “slot machine” in the Crimes Code needs further explanation.

There was no schedule provided by the AG’s office about the anticipated Supreme Court appeal.

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