PGCB Delivers $27,500 in Fines to Pennsylvania Gambling Providers

Arsenii Anderson
pgcb delivers 27500 in fines to pennsylvania gambling providers

Two businesses were fined a total of $27,500 by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) for unrelated violations. Both of these cases were brought up during this week’s recent public hearing.

The sanctions against TA Operating, LLC, a truckstop-affiliated business that provides Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs), and Stakelogic, USA, a gaming manufacturer for the PA online casino sector, were revealed during the PGCB’s January monthly meeting.

Stakelogic Received a $22,500 Fine for Not Notifying the Change in Ownership

Of the two penalties, Stakelogic was given a substantially higher fine. The developer of the content for the online casino market in PA was fined $22,500 for neglecting to properly inform the gaming board of a change in ownership.

The penalties seem to have been caused by Stakelogic’s failure to disclose that it would be selling company shares, which allowed its new investment owners to seize control of the business.

This took place less than a month after Stakelogic’s first state gaming license receipt.

At the monthly meeting, Stephan van den Oetelaar, the CEO of Stakelogic, testified from his native Netherlands and took full responsibility for the company’s lack of openness with the gaming board. During the meeting, he said that the firm has addressed the issue and it won’t occur again.

TravelCenters of America Fined Due to Their Failure to Use VGT Monitoring

Commonwealth is called TA Operating, also known as TravelCenters of America. For failing to have enough supervision in the gaming area at site No. 67, it was fined $5,000.

This indicated that no sufficient surveillance nor direct line-of-sight monitoring by shop employees existed in its VGT area, which is prohibited under Commonwealth legislation.

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