In October, Sports Betting Handle in PA Reached a Record of $829 Million; Online Casino Growth is Steady

Arsenii Anderson
in october sports betting handle in pa reached a record of 829 million

PA announced a record monthly sports betting handle of $829.0 million in October 2023. In the PGCB’s latest press release, the state also noted YoY revenue gains in a number of markets.

Pennsylvania’s total gaming income for the month of October was $483.0 million. This was 1.4% more than the $476.3 million in September of 2023 and 7.3% more than the $450.2 million in October 2022.

With $192.5 million in revenue or over 40.0% of total gambling income for the month, retail slots had a 3.3% decrease from 2022. Revenue from land-based table games increased by 2.0% to $81.5 million in 2022. Let’s look at the figures for sportsbooks and legal casinos online in PA in more detail.

Sports Betting Income Rises as a Result of Record Expenditure

Sports betting handle was Pennsylvania’s most notable statistic in October, rising 4.0% from the previous month’s high of $797.1 million to set a new record.

This contributed to an 18.8% annual increase in sports betting income to $48.2 million. Of this amount, $5.1 million came from retail betting and $43.1 million from online bets.

October Income from Online Gambling is Just Short of Record Levels

Online casinos saw revenue of $154.8 million. This is below the record of $159.5 million established in September, but ahead of $124.5 million in October of last year by 24.3%.

The primary driver of YoY growth was a 27.2% rise in online slot machine revenue, which reached $109.8 million. income from online table games increased by 19.4% to $42.6 million, while income from poker decreased by 5.8% to $2.3 million.

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