FanDuel Commits to New Efforts for Responsible Gambling

Arsenii Anderson
fanduel commits to new efforts for responsible gambling

Problem Gambling Awareness Month is something that FanDuel takes seriously. In order to further emphasize the significance of the issue within the business, it has developed a number of initiatives for responsible gambling. FanDuel has made a number of updates in this area in the past before it was thought to be necessary, to assist initiatives to promote responsible gambling. FanDuel gave the National Council of Problem Gambling $100,000 in order to raise awareness of gambling addiction. The funds will be immediately allocated to the Agility Grants project of NCPG, which supports nonprofit organizations nationwide with financing for resources for people dealing with gambling addiction. FanDuel’s focus on supporting a range of programs, from the prevention of gambling addiction to education on responsible gambling, is a sign of their commitment to creating a secure and long-lasting gaming environment, according to NPCG Executive Director Keith Whyte. The company is thrilled to collaborate with FanDuel on the Agility Grants initiative, the nation’s first-ever grant for the prevention of gambling addiction. FanDuel and the International Center for Responsible Gambling are partners. The ICRG intends to spend funds on studies to better understand problem gamblers’ actions. This might be very productive in ongoing efforts to recognize possible damage, reduce risk, and enhance responsible gambling initiatives. The company will once again utilize this as an opportunity to highlight how FanDuel strives to raise the bar for what it means to be a responsible operator, said Amy Howe, FanDuel Group CEO. This March marks the 20th year of Problem Gambling Awareness Month.

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