With a November Revenue of $191.9 million, PA Online Casinos Set New Records

Arsenii Anderson
with a november revenue of 191 9 million pa online casinos set new records

Pennsylvania’s online casinos are still outpacing one another. The online casino income earned by operators in November was $191.9 million, a record for the United States, according to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB). This milestone follows an all-time high of $187.3 million established in September and a near-miss of $186.9 million in October.

For the first time, PA real money online casinos have generated more income than $190 million. Operators are demonstrating that they can generate $190 million in income each month, and sooner rather than later, they may reach $200 million.

Although this is a rather simple study, online casinos in Pennsylvania shattered US revenue records in November, bringing in over $190 million in revenue. Pennsylvania’s $185 million+ in the last two months was a sign of a month like this one. It seems that the state will continue to produce record-breaking figures over the following months.

Whether operators can maintain the same pace will be intriguing to see when the sports and gambling season closes. There’s a good chance that $190 million or more per month will become the new standard for the Keystone State with the installation of more platforms in 2024.

Pennsylvania’s table game revenue so far has topped $400 million. With November’s $46.4 million total, the state’s annual earnings surpassed 2022’s $394.4 million amounting to $432.2 million.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) annual report states that live dealer games have been a welcome addition to the Keystone State, accounting for more than 50% of online table games revenue. various new titles, including various game shows, have been introduced by live dealer operators.

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