Pennsylvania Surges above Michigan and New Jersey in the US iGaming Market

Arsenii Anderson
pennsylvania surges above michigan and new jersey in the us igaming market

When it comes to the online casino market, Pennsylvania is without a doubt in the lead. The most revenue-producing state in the nation last year was the Keystone State, with $2.1 billion.

States like Michigan and New Jersey are fierce competitors for Pennsylvania casino sites, but they are vying for market share in almost every aspect.

Contrasting the Online Gambling Industry in the Keystone State with that of Michigan and New Jersey

The primary factor influencing the ranks in the online casino market is revenue. When 2023 totals are taken into account, Pennsylvania tops the list and continues to do so until January 2024.

The only state with online casino revenue over $2 billion in 2018 was Pennsylvania. Rivals of the Keystone State, Michigan, and New Jersey, reported almost equal annual income totals of $1.9 billion. Last year, Michigan ended almost $115,000 ahead of New Jersey.

When the year 2024 rolled along, Pennsylvania continued to hold the top spot. Once again, the Keystone State produced the greatest total in January:

  • Pennsylvania: $189.3 million;
  • New Jersey: $183.3 million;
  • Michigan: $181.9 million.

Pennsylvania’s January revenue of $189.3 million is actually less than it was in previous months. Pennsylvania is the only market to ever surpass $200 million in a single month, which it accomplished in December 2023, setting even another milestone.

The following totals were reported in the Keystone State over the last four months of 2023:

  • $187.3 million in September;
  • $186.9 million in October;
  • $191.9 million in November;
  • $204.2 million in December.

In those four months, Pennsylvania shattered three national records. The state continued to lead the other main markets even though January was slower.

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