Pennsylvania Records $204 Million in Online Casino Revenue at Year’s End

Arsenii Anderson
pa records 204 million in online casino revenue at years end

The legalization of online casinos in Pennsylvania marked a significant milestone that nobody anticipated. According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB), operators’ income in December reached a record-breaking $204.2 million. This is the first time that a state has ever exceeded the $200 million mark.

For the last three months, Pennsylvania online casinos operators have been making hints about this potentially historic figure. Two records were also set in the preceding three months:

  • September: $187.3 million;
  • October: $186.9 million;
  • November: $191.9 million.

In only four months, Pennsylvania broke three of its own US online casino records before the end of 2023.

Online casinos in Pennsylvania are setting new records. For the first time ever, their gross sales in December topped $200 million, and they ended the month with almost $204 million in total revenue. The previous high from November was just surpassed by the new all-time, all-market US milestone, by a margin of roughly $12 million. Production increased by around 6.4% in December compared to the previous month, and the result exceeded YoY estimates by over 22%. For the fourth month in a row, revenue has been above $186 million. Now that 2023 is over, PA’s online casinos have made over $2.1 billion in revenue, breaking yet another record.

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