Parx Casino Bensalem Provided $3.9 Million in Grants to Bucks County

Arsenii Anderson
parx casino bensalem provided 3 9 million in grants to bucks county

Pennsylvania’s highest-grossing establishment in 2023 is Parx Casino Bensalem. Tax income from Parx Casino’s operations helps the county and state. The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks granted the townships around Parx Casino Bensalem $3.9 million in funding as a result of Parx’s success.

It’s evident that Parx is making a good amount of money from retail sales in addition to providing one of the 21 PA online casinos that are breaking records in the industry.

The funds will be allocated to various initiatives aimed at aiding the community. Due to Parx’s success in Bensalem, plans were made to construct a hotel on the land, and last year, a second facility opened in Shippensburg.

The Money from Parx Casino Bensalem Supports Bucks County

Being the best casino in the area, Parx Casino Bensalem brings in a ton of tax revenue for the state. The casino’s earnings from slots and table games reached $537.7 million as of November. Revenue in 2023 is expected to amount to $586.6 million, a small drop from $598.7 million in 2022.

The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Bucks awarded qualifying communities $3.9 million as a result of the Bensalem facility’s achievement.

At a township meeting on December 15, Ralph DiGuiseppe, the chairman of the Authority Board, said that the Municipal Grant Program is still essential to funding a number of initiatives meant to counterbalance the effects of gaming. In addition to addressing concerns related to quality of life, these projects will provide funding for public safety, health, and infrastructure improvements in communities affected by gambling. Bucks County (one of the richest PA counties today) has had great success with the Municipal Grant Program, and DiGuiseppe thanked the towns for their meticulous project selection when submitting bids to the Authority.

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