Live! Casino Philadelphia Takes Home 11 Honors from the “Best of Slots Awards”

Arsenii Anderson
live casino philadelphia takes home 11 honors from the best of slots awards

Live! Casino Philadelphia is situated in a great place, only a short distance from the city’s four major sports teams. Not only is the facility profitable, but Strictly Slots Magazine has voted Live! Casino Philadelphia is the Best Overall Casino in Pennsylvania.

Some of the greatest games are available at Live! Casino Philadelphia. Ten more first-place Best of Slots Awards were earned by the casino.

Apart from its fantastic slot machines, Live! Casino Philadelphia had a busy October after the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board’s (PGCB) announcement of monthly revenue totals.

Live! Casino Philadelphia Takes Home Many Awards for Its Slots

Taking on the best casinos in the state, Live! Casino Philadelphia won several awards from Strictly Slots Magazine’s poll participants. The most esteemed achievement was being named Best Overall Casino in Pennsylvania.

According to a press release from Live! Casino Philadelphia, Kevin O’Sullivan, VP of Gaming and Operations, the company feels like they’ve struck the proverbial “ultimate jackpot” after taking home top honors in player-voted awards. Through constant innovation and product refreshment, the company aims to improve the gaming experiences of its patrons. The company really appreciates that its customers are happy with the wide variety of slots it offers, and it eagerly anticipates another year of thrilling new additions to maintain its reputation as a top provider of gaming and enjoyment.

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