A Pennsylvania Senator to Introduce a Bill Banning the Use of Credit Cards for Online Gambling

Arsenii Anderson
a pa senator to introduce a bill banning credit cards for online gambling

Senator Wayne Fontana of Pennsylvania intends to introduce legislation that would outlaw the use of credit cards for internet gambling. It may be risky to accrue credit card debt as a result of internet gambling, particularly for those who engage in compulsive gambling practices.

Bettors may use their credit cards to make deposits into their accounts at Pennsylvanian operators, including online gambling in Pennsylvania. The use of credit cards for gambling purposes is already illegal in three states.

A Senator from Pennsylvania Requests Co-Sponsorship for a Credit Card Ban

Fontana hasn’t officially presented any legislation. But he’s starting the process by notifying every senator in the Senate.

He said that more people have access to gambling as a result of gaming’s growth, which raises the possibility that someone may get addicted to gambling. There are now 13 sports betting companies and 21 online casinos in Pennsylvania.

Fontana said that the 2022 Online Gaming Report showed that 36% of those who have played online games had a gambling issue. Fontana discussed the dangers of using credit cards for online gambling in the letter. According to him, there is a common correlation between credit card debt and gambling since the former may cause financial difficulties that hinder the capacity to pay off debt. Fontana will thus be proposing legislation that will ban using credit cards for online casino games, sports betting, fantasy sports, and iLottery purchases. Given that the typical Pennsylvanian has credit card debt above $5,640, playing online games shouldn’t be an additional way for debt to mount up.

Fontana listed the states of Iowa, Tennessee, and Massachusetts that had already outlawed the usage of credit cards. Fontana is seeking more co-sponsors for this consumer protection law before the legislation’s introduction.

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