iRush Rewards Explained: BetRivers Rewards Points and Levels

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The iRush Rewards loyalty program is BetRivers‘ rewards program specifically designed for its online site. Much like the site’s welcome bonus, the loyalty program is easy-to-follow and relatively simple, although it’s still worth getting an understanding of how certain aspects work.

The program is made up of an 11-tier loyalty system and an excellent bonus store in which players can purchase a range of exciting bonuses.

To learn more about the offerings of the iRush Rewards program, how long your points and status last, and how much you might have to play to unlock certain bonuses, read on.

Pros and Cons of the iRush Rewards Program

As one of the better online casino loyalty programs, iRush Rewards has plenty of advantages, although there is still room for improvement. Here are our top three pros and cons for the program:

  • Relatively easy to level up
  • Great bonus points store
  • Online casino focused
  • Levels expire quickly
  • Some benefits are ambiguous
  • Tier benefits are less extravagant

How iRush Rewards Differs from Other Programs

iRush Rewards is an 11-tier program focused on providing benefits to online players rather than retail customers.

The program rewards consistency in play, with a unique system developed that measures your activity across a 60-day window and deducts points each day accordingly. This system means your status will rise much quicker than other programs, providing a little more flexibility.

The iRush Rewards program is different from the Rush Rewards program in that the former is for online play, and the latter caters to retail players. Unlike some other casino loyalty programs, such as BetMGM Rewards and MGM Rewards, these two programs are not linked.

Earning Loyalty Level Points

Loyalty Level Points are required to climb the tiers of the rewards program, with each game rewarding a differing number of reward points per dollar spent based on the RTP of the casino game. Here are the numbers:

Game RTP $ Per Point
94% $4.17
95% $5.00
97.5% $10.00
99% $25.00

If you’re interested in keeping tabs on how many BetRivers loyalty points you’re earning, you can track your loyalty level points in real time with a nifty progress bar in the site’s iRush Rewards center.

iRush Rewards Tier Levels and Benefits

There are 11 levels to the BetRivers iRush Rewards program, including one invitation-only level. While these rewards may seem less exciting than similar casino rewards programs, it’s essential to understand that the majority of benefits that come with this program will directly benefit online players rather than sending you all across the globe to make the most of your membership.

Tier Level Points Required Total Wager at 95% RTP
1 40 $200
2 160 $800
3 400 $2,000
4 760 $3,800
5 1,400 $7,000
6 2,800 $14,000
7 5,200 $26,000
8 8,800 $44,000
9 13,600 $68,000
10 20,000 $100,000
11 Invite Only $100,000+

What are the Perks?

Here are the benefits you’ll receive as you increase your BetRivers loyalty level (all the benefits from the previous tier levels remain available once you move on to the next level):

Tier Level Perks

✅ Bonus store access


❌ No additional perks


✅ Special offers, including occasional reload bonuses


❌ No additional perks


✅ Priority deposit limit assistance for larger deposits


❌ No additional perks


✅ Exclusive merchandise and personalized birthday gifts


✅ Invitations to exclusive VIP events

✅ Priority withdrawals


✅ Your very own VIP Manager, who looks out for all of your VIP benefits and rewards

✅ Luxury VIP gifts


✅ A custom VIP avatar, visible on your profile and to others on live dealer tables

✅ A VIP celebratory dinner at a BetRivers Casino


✅ Elite VIP Promotions

✅ Dedicated VIP Concierge who can help you with almost anything, including party planning

✅ A free Apple or Android device for gambling

✅ A custom ‘ultra luxury’ VIP gifts

Annoyingly, the rewards program is a little bit opaque when it comes to what gifts they give out. However, your dedicated VIP manager should be able to help you get something you actually want.

Earning and Redeeming Bonus Store Points

The bread and butter of the iRush Rewards program is the Bonus Store, where you’ll spend your Bonus Store Points on a variety of different bonuses, allowing you to choose the rewards you want rather than getting something predetermined.

As an added bit of excitement, your Loyalty Level will determine your access to the store, with certain rewards being locked behind higher levels. These rewards often offer better value, too.

Thankfully, you’ll receive Bonus Store Points at the same rate as Loyalty Level Points listed above, so it’s easy to keep track of everything. There is, however, a 30,000-point earning limit in every 30-day period.

Here are some of the exciting rewards available in the bonus store:

  • Bonus cash with 1x wagering;
  • Spins on the bonus wheel with a variety of prizes;
  • Free sports bets;
  • Profit boosts;
  • Scratchcards.

Expiry of Reward Points and Loyalty Level

Loyalty Level Points begin to expire after 30 days and gradually drop off for the following 30 days, making them disappear entirely after 60 days. This comes together to form a system that essentially tracks your activity over a rolling 30-day period.

Your Reward Points will stay with you as long as you remain active but will disappear if no additional points are earned for 180 days.

Responsible Gambling and Terms & Conditions

As the iRush Rewards loyalty program takes consistent upkeep in order to maintain an earned tier, it may be tempting to keep gambling so that you don’t lose any benefits. Even though the perks offered by iRush Rewards are nice, they are certainly not worth keeping up with for the sake of it.

In addition, as with any loyalty program, plenty of terms and conditions apply. If you’re looking for a specific bonus from this program, it would be best to consult the T&Cs for exactly how that bonus may apply to you. All bonus cash in this loyalty program comes with a 1x wagering requirement.

Why iRush Rewards is One of the Better Online Casino Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program should be easy to understand and take advantage of, and this is especially true for online casinos. iRush Rewards takes what a lot of players want from a bonus system and gives it to them without much fuss.

Another positive is that most rewards in the program can be earned and redeemed without ever leaving your couch — something that can’t really be said for many other major casino loyalty programs in the US.

If you’re looking for a casino rewards program that has a razor-sharp focus on providing rewards to online players rather than prioritizing retail, iRush Rewards could be for you.


How Long Does My iRush Rewards Loyalty Level Last?

Your iRush Reward Loyalty Level is determined by how many Loyalty Level Points you have, with each point lasting 30 days before gradually dropping out of your account after 30 additional days. Rush Rewards points will expire after 180 days of inactivity, so if you’re planning to take a break, use them up before you go.

Is the iRush Rewards Program the Same as the Rush Rewards Program?

No, the two systems are separate. The iRush Rewards system is specifically for online play at BetRivers, while the Rush Rewards program is for those playing at physical BetRivers locations and has an entirely different structure.

How Do I Join the Elite Level of iRush Rewards?

The Elite level of the iRush Rewards program requires members to have over 20,000 points and receive an exclusive invitation from the casino. The casino doesn’t directly explain on what grounds these invites are sent, though consistent play will likely help you become a BetRivers VIP.

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