Mastering the Art of Casino Etiquette: Tips, Rules, Guidelines & More

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Any casino has a set of rules that all visitors must follow. Some of these rules are laid out for you to read, but some are common casino etiquette you must know without anybody explaining. Casino games tie to money and cheating can happen at any time. With tight security, eyes will follow your every move while you spend your time playing.

Still, there’s no need to be worried if you’re not planning to forget basic courtesy or cheat while you’re there. If you do something wrong and are new to casinos, the staff will notice and help you understand their rules better. As long as you keep the basic casino etiquette in mind, you’ll enjoy your night at your favorite table.

If it’s your first time going to a casino, we’ll guide you into everything you need to know before setting foot on the gaming floor. Some of these can get you into trouble, so read on.

🤔 Common Casino Rules

Unspoken or not, you’ll be expected to know about these basic rules when visiting a casino. You might not get in trouble for not following these rules, but we suggest you follow these rules to avoid any inconvenience.

Understanding the Rules

All available tables in a casino expect players who join the game to already know how to play. The dealers will certainly answer if you ask them a question, but they won’t teach you the game rules. You can research online beforehand or watch other people play until you’re confident enough to step in. Observe quietly and don’t interrupt the players while they’re in the middle of their games.

Learn Your Signals

Several table games, like poker and blackjack, require you to know several hand signals depending on if the cards are facing up or facing down.

Here are some essential hand signals for face-up cards:

  • Hit: Tap the table;
  • Stick: Wave your hand;
  • Double: Place your matching bet to your original bet, then hold up one finger;
  • Split: Place your matching bet to your original bet, then hold up two fingers.

Signals for face-down cards:

  • Hit: Scrape the table with the cards;
  • Stick: Slide the cards underneath your bet;
  • Double: Lay your cards face-up, place an additional bet next to your original bet;
  • Split: Place the bet next to one of the cards.

Buying In and Cashing Out Properly

Each table and slot will state its minimum and maximum bet. You can usually find this information on a lighted side or a placard next to the dealer on table games. Knowing about the minimum bet is crucial casino etiquette so you don’t accidentally join a high-limit table when you plan to play on a budget.

You should only pass your money to the dealer when the hand is completed. The dealer will then give you the chips in return. The dealer will usually ask you for the chips’ denomination that you prefer. If not, they’ll give you a predetermined amount of each denomination for the game you’re about to play.

Players can ask to convert smaller denomination chips to larger valued chips because they’re easier to carry, especially after winning. However, this is disruptive behavior as it’ll slow the game down. The dealer will have to take their time to fulfill your request, and the casino must also interrupt the game to refill the lower-valued chips. If you do this mid-game, you’ll disturb the other players, so wait until you’re done if you’d like to ask for a chip exchange.

Before you leave the table, push all your chips toward the dealer at the end of the hand. Don’t push them into the betting circle; stack or sorting them is not mandatory. Letting the dealer sort your chips is the better option, as they’ll do it much quicker. You can then cash it out at the cashier when you’re ready.

Tip the Dealers

Casinos don’t set how much you should tip your dealer, but it’s basic casino etiquette to do so. It’s a polite gesture to show appreciation for their effort to work long hours without sitting and various episodes of calming angry customers. Despite the hard work, dealing isn’t a high-paying job. Tip them when you leave your table, especially if you win your game.

Dress Accordingly

Gambling venues usually have casino dress codes you should follow. Not many casinos accept casual outfits, so it’s safer for you to always dress to impress when visiting a casino. Some casinos allow visitors to come with casual attire during the day, but they still require you to come neat and fancier at night. Do come in your suits or cocktail dresses.

Keep Your Things Off The Tables

One of the most important casino rules is that they don’t allow you to put things on top of the tables. A camera on the ceiling above the table usually monitors all gameplay. The stuff you put on the tables will get in the way, and you might get in trouble for doing this. The casino might suspect you of hiding things or planning to cheat, or they will just tell you you’re getting in their way.

The table provides a cup holder, so put your glasses where it belongs. Spilled drinks might lead the management to halt the game and close the table, and you certainly don’t want to be the person that ruins someone’s way to winning.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

Casinos keep their security tight and don’t want you taking pictures of the casino floor. This rule applies to table games and slot machine etiquette.

Technologies have grown immensely, and there’s a lot you can do using your mobile devices. Players can use their mobile devices to count cards, take a snap of the dealer’s hole card, and signal the dealt cards to their friend, who’ll guide them towards their wins without the staff noticing. There are even some apps to help you predict several casino games’ outcomes.

In short, too many cases exist where people use their phones to cheat their way and win unfairly. Securities might stop you when they spot you recording a video or taking pictures of the table in the open. The dealer might ask you to step away if you must take an important call in an ongoing game.

Understand that every casino staff has rules to follow, and you, as the customer, must follow the casino rules if you want to enjoy the establishment’s facilities. Don’t be offended, and calmly follow their instructions.

🎰 Unspoken Casino Etiquette

Compared to the basic casino rules above, these unspoken casino etiquettes are not hard to follow. However, many people still often forget their mannerisms when visiting a casino. Here’s unspoken casino etiquette you should remember.

Drink Responsibly

There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting drunk and unconsciously disturbing other players. If you’re found drunk on the gaming floor, the security will take you out of the casino.

Tip: Many casinos offer complimentary alcoholic beverages. However, you should never use these complimentary drinks solely to get drunk. The servers will make rounds every several minutes, but you won’t be able to take another glass before finishing the one you currently have. If you appear intoxicated, the cocktail server or staff member will call the manager to evaluate you. They might ask you to leave the casino floor if they determine you as drunk.

Casino personnel must consider the chances that drunk guests cause trouble and disturb other visitors. Although you’re not the type to misbehave when drunk, the casino staff won’t take their chances as they must prioritize everyone’s satisfaction.

Gamble Responsibly

Just like drinking, you must be able to set a limit to how much you can afford to lose. It’s a great idea only to bring a certain amount of money to limit yourself from busting out your bank account. You know yourself best, so manage your own strategy to keep your time at the casino fun and not do something you’ll regret the next day.

Tip: Emotions can play a big part when someone is gambling. Knowing how to limit yourself will help you keep your emotions in check. You should also determine how much money you’d like to win. Most of the time, people would be intrigued to bet their winnings after thinking they could win more. Being a responsible gambler can really benefit you in the long run.

Be Mindful When Interacting with Others

You might be a seasoned gambler and have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. You might just win your last game and see another player entirely at a loss on the table beside yours. This in no way means you’re allowed to disturb other players with unsolicited recommendations and advice.

Tip: As much as you’d like to tell other players how to play their hand, it’s casino etiquette not to. Know that there’s a rule that you can’t check other players’ hands.

Other than that, you should never share your chip with other players, especially if someone asks you for it. We also suggest you don’t ask others to share their chips with you. The casino staff might kick someone out of the room if they believe the player has been asking for money from other players. Whatever the reason may be, sharing chips won’t benefit the receiver or the giver.

Enhancing Your Casino Experience with Proper Etiquette

Casinos have numerous rules to follow. The rules might be overwhelming for those who have never visited a casino. However, there is much at stake on both the customer’s and the casino’s end. Pennsylvania casinos and any other gambling establishments in the country solely prioritize the satisfaction of each and every one of their guests. They’re also well aware that their services tie to money, which can be very sensitive. Casinos have no choice but to devise a long list of rules to keep everybody happy and safe.

The gambling etiquette we’ve mentioned above applies the same to every casino. Even casino rules in Las Vegas will require you to behave the same way. To get the best experience, we hope our guide helps you learn the best casino etiquette. Don’t forget to keep your grace while navigating the casino floor, and you’ll be able to enjoy your casino experience to the fullest.


What shouldn’t you ever do at a casino?

There are several things you must avoid doing at a casino. You should never put your belongings on the table, get drunk, and take pictures or videos.

Can you leave a casino with chips?

You can take some casino chips home. However, some casino chips have RFID technology embedded in them. The technology allows the casino to keep track of the chips and turn off their value anytime they want. Even if the chips don’t have RFID, they might expire when you return later. Some players collect chips, so it’s not uncommon to take a chip or two home if you don’t particularly care about its value.

Can I take the chips off the table?

Once you put chips on the table in play, you can’t remove them from the table unless you remove all your chips to cash out.

Do casinos in Las Vegas have different rules?

Vegas casino rules are the same as other casinos. The recommendations we’ve mentioned above also apply to Las Vegas casino rules.

Should I tip the casino’s cashier?

It’s generally recommended to tip the casino’s cashier. You can tip them when cashing out as a token of appreciation.

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